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Default very depressed, the complications have arrived.

my son lucas was born with a venous malformation from his hip all the way down his right leg. i noticed the problem at birth, but the seriousness only became apparent to me when he was 6 months old and i noticed the the affected leg and foot was much smaller. fast forward a year and i was feeling quite encouraged by the fact that although my son's right leg is thinner and his right foot much smaller, there doesn't seem to be a length discrepancy and was as mobile as any child of his age, running, climbing, kicking a ball etc.

our doctor told us that at some point treatment would be necessary and i'm afraid that might be now. my little guy has developed a lump on the sole of his foot which is about the size of a quarter inch ball bearing. it is obviously painful as he won't let me touch it and he is walking on the side of his foot. what has really got me down are the sclerotherapy reviews on this forum and others. for most it seems that the treatments were excrutiatingly painful, followed by temporary relief and then recurrance worse than the initial condition.

i am reluctant to go ahead with anything but at the same time am worried about the pain the little guy is in.

-very sad dad
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