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Default internalizing birthmarks

I have a beautiful lil girl who will be 8 in August and recently found out her birthmark which is on her spine, right on where her spinal cord is, is intenalizing and i'm looking for as much information as i can get on this topic.

i'm scared, confused and frustrated at not being able to help her deal with this because i don't know anything about what is happening to her with this, and it bothers me that my mom was the one to tell me and even she doesn't know anything about it. they say my daughter has to go for an mri to see how bad it is and if anything can be done.

in the mean time i told my mom and my daughter i would try to find out more about this. Please, if anyone knows anything about this or can point me in the right direction i'd greatly appreciate it.

Thank You for your time and help in regards to this matter.

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