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Wink vm in face

Hi I have vm on the right side of my face, I didn't know I had it until I was 18 and in the RAF. Since then I have had it surgically removed over 25 times, I have every new treatment possible. I have a droopy face but not as bad as it was, and pain every time I put my head over. I am know 40 and they say mine is spreading downwards into my neck, I had the injections of the foam in September, it was painful, has took a long time for the swelling to go, but at the present time I feel no better but worse. I live in England and have never heard of anyone having the same a me, even though I have had Professor Ian Jackson from America be my consultant for many years until he retired. I feel very lucky to have so many Dr try and find solutions over the years but I am always interested to hear what others are trying. So stay positive, be open to suggestions, but always think through the side effects too.
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