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hello everyone,

Its so great to hear everyone's story here and realize that i'm not alone. I COMPLETELY empathize with you all - i'm 29 years old, of asian descent. I have a discoloration under my right eye, a little on my cheek, around my temples, and a little above my right eye as well. over the past decade, i've noticed the discoloration become more severe. I often get the "did someone hit you?" question, and i always feel uncomfortable because i don't know exactly what it is or how to explain it!

i've actually tried laser treatment a few years ago - went in for 3 sessions but saw no results from it (positive or negative). At $500/treatment, i definitely wished for something good =P

nowadays, i just layer on the concealer/powder in the morning. i always bring it around with me so i can touch up wherever i go which is very annoying since i'm an outdoorsy kinda gal.

has anyone tried skin whitening/hydroquinone products? not sure if it would work for folks like us, and wondering if it's worth a try...
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