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There is this:,00.html

which is from Time, but about an article from the journal Anesthesiology. Here's the thing, though: It says babies who were put under GA one time showed no effects, but those put under GA more than that did show a higher instance of learning disability later in life. It just doesn't say why those babies had to undergo GA more than once ... and if the reason they had to have more than one operation could have contributed to later problems. They say, "the data do not make clear whether it was the anesthesia that contributed to the children's learning deficits or whether it was an underlying condition that may have required surgery and precipitated the learning problems."

There is also this article:,00.html

There is also this: and this is even more recent.

I have a niece who's an anesthesiologist. I will message her right now and ask her if she can find some good peer reviewed articles on the topic.

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