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Default Laser treatment

Hello everyone, I'm 32 y/o of Chinese descendant and I also have Nevus Ota that covers a bit of my forehead, half of my left eye and half of my nose bridge. I don't remember having it during childhood and it appeared in my teens and seemed to get darker as I aged. And I notice too that whenever I get very upset of angry, the mark becomes significantly darker. I have oily skin with large pores so I seldom use powders and concealers...but I don't think I can ever live without my fringe covering parts of the mark.

Last year I started Medlite laser treatment with 3 -4 weeks interval, and so far had gone through 16 treatments in total. I see some improvements, but not TOTALLY happy with the result as there are still areas with visible dark marks. If there's anyone else who had gone for laser treatment to remove Nevus of Ota, I would like to hear more about your experience, i.e how many treatments, duration of intervals, or anything that you may care to share.
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