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Default Daughter has a hemangioma on lip and in mouth. I need advice!

Hello everyone...

My 4 week old daughter has what I have been told is a hemangioma on her upper lip and inside her mouth along the inside of her cheek. I noticed a faint mark at birth but thought nothing of it. Mind you, the mark is not terribly large on her lip, and it is only slightly raised right now, but it has enlarged quite a bit from that faint mark I mentioned. And the mark inside takes up most of her inner cheek.

When talking to the ped. he gave me the "wait and see" scenario which I was fine with until I saw that the hemangioma is in her mouth. I don't want her mouth to become deformed should it enlarge.

What I need advice on is this: Should I insist on seeing a dermatologist? Is this more serious because it is in her mouth? Could it potentially cause a problem with her eating, speech, and breathing? Should I insist on having it removed while it's still early? Am I paranoid?? ??? It's hard not to be concerned since people have already begun with the "My gosh, what happened to her lip?" or "What is that, anyway?" My little angel is only a month old, and may have years of these questions in her future!

Any advice is appreciated. Thank you, Tara
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