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HI, you all sound a bit like me too, I have an AVM in my right cheek and neck, had it 22 years. Went into anaphalytic shock when they used a treatment with alcohol in it, so none since!!! mine swells just writing my name down, I have passed out during a gym sessions on the running machine, pushed myself too hard again and my face won. I left the RAF because of it. i have a droopy face, scars and have had 25 operations. Getting pregnant was the worse as it swelled so much it was operated on as soon as i had my son. Nerve damage has been bad. but prayer got me through that and many tablets. I have tried so much and still trying, in sept had schlerotherapy the foam one, been in more pain, but it has worked for some people. I have a normal life, make stories up when people stare or i am not in the mood to answer questions. you only have one life so live it is my moto. if they are your friends they are great. vicky
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