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Just a few updates,
Little man is doing great; he had to have surgery because he had hydroceles in his scrotum (fancy word for fluid). I guess this is common for little boys but most of the time it goes away by itself. However, the specialist said he’s will not and we had to have surgery before he gets a hernia. He did great, mommy and daddy were a mess. Thank goodness, --that is over--

We finally found out what the lesion was -- a hemangioma -Doc says it will go away by 18 months—

His PSW leg is still smaller than the other one –Still not sure why, I guess we must wait and see…..

The doctor said that the laser would not work on little man because he has extensive birthmark, it would just be too painful.

To everyone that posted something, thank you-it really helped knowing I was not alone.

I am in Chicago, IL we are seeing a specialist at Children’s Memorial Hospital-he is great.

Any updates with your little ones… How is school going Nic?

I am sorry it has been soo long to write back, busy with the little man and working.
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