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Default Port Wine Stain on Gums - Need Advice

Hi. My name is Kim and my son, Brandon, has PWS covering most of the right side of his face including on his gums. Brandon is almost 13 years old and has come time for braces. Unfortunately the PWS on his gums has caused the bone on his upper right jaw to grow more dense and has caused his smile to be significantly crooked. His dentist and orthodontist have never seen PWS and are at a loss on how to treat it so everything is on hold until we get an "expert" opinion. We have searched locally but nobody seems to have knowledge or experience with Brandon's condition. We took Brandon to a specialist in NYC who said the only option is to wait until after puberity, break the jaw, cut out a piece of the bone and screw it back together to give him a more symmetrical smile. However, the doctor is unsure if the PWS will cause excessive bleeding and not to mention I was told recovery would be approximately 4 months.
Has anyone been through this or have any advice to offer?
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