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Default "Blutschwann" or Hemangioma on back of right leg

I have had pain most of my life on the back of my right leg. After so many doctor visits, which have all resulted in various explanations for my pain, my last doctors visit to an OP named Dr. Storg who conducted a simply altra sound on the back of my leg found a cyst. I was told that I needed to go get some MRI's done. Well I did and MRI's found a nice sized, in German, Blutschwann, which is a Hemangioma. This Hemangioma in my leg is located in the soft tissue below my muscle and goes as deep as 8 to 10 centimeters. The Hemangioma is located directly behind my knee, where your leg bends. There are 2 main arteries in the vicinity. This post is very late as I'm scheduled for surgery on Monday. I'm a bit upset and maybe worried. I've lived with this for a very long time and while I do have pain that sometimes is very uncomfortable I can still walk and run. I'm worried that the end result will cause more problems then what I have now. I'm also stuck with the option of either having "regional anesthesia" which is basically having 2 needles stuck into my lower back to numb my lower half, which has it's own risks, or "general anesthesia" which is basically putting me into a deep sleep. General anesthesia will require me to have a tube inserted into my throat and a machine will help control my breathing. Both options don't seem to be anything to look forward too and I really can not make a decision. I'm really bothered by this whole thing and hope that anyone with any suggestions can help me feel less worried or shed some light onto this whole ordeal. I know that I may have not added all the details and if so please feel free to ask me any questions so I can help those who do not fully understand my situation understand..... thanks
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