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Default Living with calf haemangioma


Has anyone tried using compression stockings? Just thought I would share our experience which might help some of you.

My son was diagnosed at age 8 (he's now 14) with intramuscular haemangioma in his right calf which involved all 3 muscle groups: peroneal, gastrocnemius and soleus. His right calf was noticeably larger and perpetually "turgid".

By the time he was 12, the pain became very frequent, almost daily (he could not straighten his leg when in pain and had to hop on one foot and was taking ibuprofen regularly to control the pain). Surgery was not an option as his haemangioma was extensive. We decided to try sclerotherapy and most unfortunately, it did not help his hemangioma but the alcohol injured his peroneal nerve instead. He suffered a complete foot-drop as a result and was put on an Ankle-Foot-Orthosis so that he could walk without tripping over his own foot. Thankfully, his peroneal nerve recovered eventually (after several months of anguish of having to live with both haemangioma and foot-drop).

After the whole episode (which now puts both surgery and sclerotherapy as too high risk for us), we were told by the doctor to try compression stocking (specs: 20-30mmHg, below knee, open toe). This simple solution has worked very well so far! It has been a year and my son hardly suffers from pain as long as he puts on his compression stocking and is able to walk and run without problems. He doesn't wear the stockings to sleep and at home, he is often able to go without stockings too.

Hope this helps.
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