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Default Update


I never got around to coming back on here. It was hectic with a new born baby.

Anyways. Now the doctors are saying that it's a venous malformation. I think I have probably been told 10 different things. He went for his MRI and that's where they got these answers from. They don't want to do anything about it other than watch it. In the last year I have seen it grow so much which they really don't seem fussed about. It is now growing in his stomach.. Its not big.. And it's barely visible but knowing it's going else where is kind of hard to take in.

He also has what they first thought was moloscum (not sure on spelling) which is now some sort of lymphatic like cysts growing on the outside of his skin.. I'll upload a new photo of what it is like today. He is now almost 3 and we are no closer to finding out what will happen with it. They seem quite content to just let it grow.. Which isn't much fun.

Thank you for the doctors names.. I should have probably told you that I'm in Perth, WA.. Which is in Australia. I can't seem to find many doctors here that know exactly what they are talking about. We rotate between doctors. Going from the plastics team to the dermatology team.. In one door and out the other. It's a bit silly but I'm not sure where I should be taking it next?

Any ideas?? hare hare

Not great photos once again.. Sorry

Thanks heaps

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