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i'm 17, and i have nevus of ota inside my right eye (rare, i know), under my eye and around my temple. Last year i had about 5-6 sessions of laser treatment, fraxel (newest) as well as LP. fraxel was the most aggressive i would say, and i think it made the most improvement. the sessions lightened my mark quite a bit i would say, but still definitely prominent. if anything, i would check out the fraxel laser. this upcoming summer, i'm planning on trying the q-switch to see what that might bring. i wear make up on a daily basis, and i've become such an expert at it that no one has noticed for a while (at least the mark that is on my skin). but it does bother me that i have to wear that much make up every single day, i constantly wish i could be a normal teenage girl and wear minimal make up and just walk out the door like that.

i don't know about anyone else, but i always thought it was so unfair and unjust that only i have this birthmark out of the hundreds of people i've met. but i've pretty much learned to accept it, and i always remind myself how lucky i am to have a harmless condition. i at least try to be grateful that i don't have a condition that affects my health!

hopefully someone will find this inspirational... When i was younger (elementary school maybe), i went to a convenience store with my mom, and the man at the front counter noticed my birthmark (which was kinda surprising because that was back when it was hardly noticeable). He called it a "blue marK" and told me i was really lucky i had it. i guess he knew others with the same mark too! that made me feel really happy for some reason because he told me that i would be a really lucky girl when i grew up.

when i was younger, the birthmark was pretty light, and around 7-8th grade i got tanner, so my birthmark actually almost disappeared. but after i hit puberty, the birthmark darkened, due to hormones, i'm told. i'm hoping the laser treatment will have more of an effect after i'm done going through puberty... after all i'm only 17 and i'm sure i'm still growing, since i'm a late bloomer.

i have to say, my birthmark definitely took a huge blow to my self-esteem... but i'd like to believe that in exchange for a birthmark, i got some extra talents and brains out of it

maybe one day the technology will be so advanced that they'll be able to wipe out our birthmarks completely! who knows?
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