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Hi all,

Is anyone else having trouble logging in? TKoch says she cannot, and asked me to submit an update:

Everything came together this afternoon! Parker is going to be admitted to the Florida Children’s Hospital in Orlando under the care of Dr.Tace S. Rico for 3-4 days for a complete evaluation by pediatric dermatology, plastic surgery, and cardiology. Dr. Rico has experience treating ulcerated hemangiomas, saw his pictures, and immediately said he needed to be started on a treatment program. Parker’s local pediatrician and Dr. Rico are coordinating his care.

We are also fortunate that Dr. Elizabeth A. Connelly is a visiting board-certified pediatric dermatologist from Miami at the Florida Hospital for Children. She directs pediatric dermatology laser surgery and the procedures clinic for their dermatology program.

Our local wound care center is on stand-by to assist in any way the pediatrician and Dr. Rico request.

Thank you for your incredibly helpful guidance. It helped me relay information to Parker’s Mom & Dad. This appointment comes none too soon. He was really fussy last night and throughout the day today.

I still don’t have the ability to post a reply to the VBF Forum (my Login keeps reverting back to the Login page), so could someone please update the folks from my post under TKoch21528 for me? Many, many thanks!
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