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You are absolutely correct-we did expect it! We were just waiting for the time when correction would be needed. To begin with she will have some kind of shoe insert or have a sole extention. That will depend on the recommendation of a specialist (we don't know who we will see at this point as the PT is looking for someone familiar with children, in our area, and can work with our insurance and Birth to Three). This isn't so easy! Anyway, from there I have gotten the impression that there are surgical options probably being required (as a teen). I am not looking into that too much as technology has advanced so much in a short time it will be completely different when she gets to that point.
We haven't had new x-rays done yet but I am sure when we find a specialist that fits all the needs that new ones will be taken. We are seeing growth in her femur bone that hadn't been occurring before which is why they feel the difference has changed so much in 6 months. That is somewhat of an added concern because this wasn't expected on the x-rays that had been done at a younger age. This could mean there is something else going on. There are other families that have had this happen. I am just looking for input from people who have corrected and those that haven't. I heard from an 18 year old last night that didn't have correction and she has hip, leg, and back pain (and a smaller difference then Becca has now at 2). Also, there is concern because the compression is on the left side and that could have an impact on her heart that already has its own issues. There can also be problems with circulation when the hips are involved like Becca has.
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