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Hi Aaron's Mom,

My son has only just turned two, so I am not able to give you any reassurance as far long term cognitive impairment. But I did want to share that so far, he is progressing within the normal parameters. At his 18 month check up, he scored well on cognitive learning and a little low on speech development. In the past 6 months, his vocabulary has exploded and now scored well in all aspects at his two year check up.

His PWS covers roughly two-thirds of his face, including the eye area. Due to the location, GA has been necessary. He has been put under 11 times, all in his first 18 months. We weighed the long term risks of learning impairment compared to psychological effects of having such a large birthmark so clearly visible. If I am choosing one problem over another, I feel as though he will be able to work through any learning disabilities that may or may not occur and feel more confident doing so having had the laser treatments.

However, my completely biased opinion believes that he is a budding genius and that there will not be any future impairments to worry about. His face has lightened significantly and is hardly noticeable anymore. Whether or not it is noticeable is something I base on strangers' reactions. As a young infant, people I did not know often felt the need to ask me what was wrong with my baby's face. No one hardly says anything anymore.

Good luck with your treatments. I understand how difficult this process is.

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