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The school is actually already involved and they are currently providing speech. I think they are trying to pull something. The speech teacher told me that they didn't have to assess all areaa when she turns 3. I didn't think that was right (I was a special ed. teacher before moving to gen. ed.). Then I talked to my OT friend and she agrees something is up. The speech teacher is also the preschool teacher and she also now feels there isn't a need for a 504 plan (which she had always agreed before would be needed). I e-mailed Birth to Three and said I am concerned about the school intentions and that I have concerns about the meeting scheduled. They want to discontinue services. I was already told by Birth to Three that speech would continue to her third birthday (they want to stop after the meeting Feb. 27 and her birthday isn't until July). The school will not agree to a PT consultation even if I get them to agree to a 504 plan. I am in a rock and a hard place because I have to go to work with these people after I make waves.
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