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My daughter has been under GA 6 times now for her laser treatments. I am an OR nurse and talked to several anesthesiologists about the effects of GA later on in life. Several that I talked to work at Children's Medical Center in Dallas. They said it was quite ridiculous that these articles are claiming learning disabilities, etc. Like others have remarked, taking into account why these children were having multiple surgeries in the first place is key. If you think about all the kids with chronic diseases that have surgery under GA, real surgery that actually takes more than 10 minutes and compare it to the amount of time the GA lasts while under for laser, that's also a HUGE factor. Anytime you are under GA is a risk, but the longer you are under increases risks. Children undergo multiple surgeries under GA that last hours per surgery every day. All in all, I feel very comfortable with the minute amount of Sevoflurane gas that is used for GA for my daughter as compared to what she could be receiving if she were suffering from another condition requiring lengthy surgeries.
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