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My son just turned 1 and he has a PWS on his right left (from his hip down to his toes). When he was diagnosed 6 months ago the dermatologist wanted to start laser treatments ASAP. My husband and I decided to take the wait and see approach. Honestly, had the PWS been on his face we may have made a different decision.

It took me a while to become "okay" with waiting on laser treatments. I understand how you feel about him not wanting to be treated differently b/c of his birthmark, but at the same time I do not want to be putting him under GA at such a young age. When he is older and able to receive treatments without GA and he has a better understanding of what is going on then we will re-evaluate. And if it seems like it gets worse before then we will re-evaluate too.

I would also like to say that so far we haven't had strangers make any comments about his PWS. Our neighbors who are good friends of ours noticed his leg and asked questions which didn't bother me in the least, but I know I will feel differently when/if the general public starts commenting on his leg.

Best of luck to you and your little guy!

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