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I am just learning more about my 14 year old son's birth marks. I have mentioned that they cover both feet and legs all the way up to the small of his back. I do not know what his condition is yet but I can speak to people looking and asking questions. I never covered him up. I was a special education teacher and felt blessed that my son was other wise healthy. My mother in law went through the roof when she saw him. He was born half purple. My favorite comments always came from the pool. Mother's asking if I knew to use sun screen or what kind of rash does he have. I always smiled and said it is just a birth mark. Now that he is 14 his marks have grown with him. A new teacher might ask or a new kid but now my son gives the same answers. His marks have never gotten in the way of friends, girlfriends or sports. He does say from time to time he wishes he could get them removed but we know that laser treatment might not work and we do not want to put him through it. He is no longer always purple but a mostly a light marblely red except in extreme tempertures. We helped our son when he was very littel by giving him names like Chief Red Butt or Doctor vein. Good luck, I am sure your child is very special.
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