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Hey Everyone!

Up until a half year ago I did not know what kind of birthmark I had; I went to the doctor when I was 14 and they did not know what it was either, saying it was just a regular birthmark. However, after some research on the internet I came to find out that it was called Naevus of Ota. So now, 8 years later I went to see the doctor again and I got redirected to a hospital in The Netherlands which specializes in pigmentation disorders. In this hospital I now finally receive treatment for the Naevus of Ota; so far I just had one whole treatment. The Doctor said that treatment with the Q ruby Switch laser has produced good to very good results in treating and fading the Naevus. So let's hope for the best^^

Reading all those forum posts made me realize that I am not the only one with this birthmark. I always thought I was the only one, because nobody knew what kinda birthmark it was and I never saw anyone else with it.

So I would really like to socialize with some people who also have this birthmark. I will take pictures after each treatment with the Q Ruby Switch Laser, so if anyone has questions about this treatment or is now also being treated with this laser, I would love to come into contact with you!
Anyone else can ofcourse e-mail me as well, I would love to socialize with people who know exactly how I feel at times .

I hope to hear from you soon! =)

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