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Default Re:hair loss and pws

Hey Chris

This is Hank.

I think we have the same problem. Because I to have a birthmark on the crown of my head and it is a vascalur malformation (hemangeoma). I am 20 years old and my hair is so thin on the right side of my head because of the malformation. I can not grow a complete mostach because I have a malformation on my right lip and hardly any hair grows out of it.
I do not have any marks below my lip but I have been trying to grow out a beard and it is takeing forever. How long did it take you. I have been trying for a couple of years now.
I have a birthmark in my right ear that has given me hearing loss. and I have birthmark on my top jum.

Well you sound like you went thru what I am going thru right now.
It also as been effecting my relationships with the girls.
Do you have any advice about that because I know it effected yours as well in past years.

Please email back and if you have any question please ask.

talk to you soon.

Hank B
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