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Tammie, Welcome to the group (umm 3 months late!) As you can see I'm not on here much but I am frequently on the facebook page along with a lot of others. Grayson's markings have faded a lot now that he is chunky. I kind of wonder if they will show more when he slims down. Kind of like how it's hard to see veins on a chubby person but easy on a very skinny one? I would love to hear how Emma is doing! Grayson doesn't have any other complications that we know of. I think his calf muscle is effected but that's it. There's this spot that is darker and I can press in on it and there doesn't seem to be much muscle there compared to the surrounding area and his other leg. But we'll see how that plays out. If you or your daughter would like my email I'd be happy to help! Just private message me or find me on facebook.
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