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i took a look at the photos. She is gorgeous! My daughter has one in the same spot, it is about 4x4. Also a friends daughter who is now 5months has been on propanalol for 4 months and there has been a noticable change in the size colour and growth- but admitingly much bigger than your little princess's H, it travels over the nose and covers her cheek and part of her forehead. My daughter is 4 and a half months and has been on propanalol for a few weeks now, no change at the moment. I would not have left it as long as i did to see a specialist, but all the paedeatricians and doctors i saw stated there was nothing i could do until she was 12 months. Fortunetely they were wrong. I will upload some photos in a couple of days. My specialist opinion is it can take upto 6 months before any noticable results.... just thought i would let you know that maybe you need to let time heal, atleast give it a couple more months then opt for surgery unless that is not an option. Good luck for your precious little princess
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