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Im almost 21 years old and I have a cafe au lait birthmark on my forehead. It is located above my right eye brown. I don't usually cut my hair too short because I don't want the sun to make it darker . I had it since I was 3 .. I've learned to live with it . My uncle, who passed away, had one on his arm . His got darker throughout the years and my family had told me that his birthmark started changing ( as in getting darker and turning blue-ish) after he decided to start a treatment to it. I had gone to dermatologists and they don't guarantee if It would go away forever . I wouldn't wanna see a scar on my face. Id rather have the birthmark. It looks light brown and it hasn't changed color throughout the years instead it looked like it got smaller as I got older . It doesn't interfere with my social life . Birthmarks are very common . People usually know someone who has a birthmark so I usually tell people I have a simple birthmark that runs in my family .
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