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My son has LUMBAR syndrome. He has a H near his rectum and also many small ones on his genital area. He is now 2 but still has issues with the rectal one ulcerating at times. We used topical propranolol until his rx ran out. It kept if from growing more and usually kept it from ulcerating.

We are headed to a GI next month to see if there are more issues. He absolutely will not go #2 without Miralax. He will withhold any formed poop. We are not sure if it has to do with a deformity in the rectal area, his hemangioma, or damage from his tethered cord. We know he has feeling back there so damage from the tethered cord is unlikely.

I could share pictures if anyone wants. I have some from when he was 6 months and some from a month ago. Let me know.


Lincoln: 2yrs
born: bifid scrotum
Lower body hemangioma appeared @ 2wks old
diagnosed with LUMBAR syndrome & thethered cord @ 6m
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