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Originally Posted by ocongr View Post
well i'm new to this as i decided it was time to do some research into my birthmark on my back. I was so pleased to find this site as i can now tlk to people who i can relate to.

right so my story begins with me being born with a Giant Hairy Nevus which is basically a huge hairy (thick horse like hair in my case) birthmark.
It was located on my back and began at the top of my spine and stopped at the begining of my bottom.

As a toddler my parents decided to have plastic surgery done to try to get rid of some of the hair and then graft some new skin onto my back. However the skin beneath the hair was heavily brown and so i have brown and white parts on my back which adds a bit of uniqueness to my birthmark i guess
Overall i have jad 12 operations on my back and decided when i was 14 i didn't want any more operations because i liked my birthmark as it was.

Growing up was tough which i have read in some of the threads everyone has had to deal with. I hope you are all like me and have learned to grow a very thick skin to these nasty remarks.
I also have an identcal twin who is so pretty it's ridiculous. Sadly i was born with the birth mark and she wasen't, again growing up was tough in the sense that my best friend and twin sis couldn't realte to my situation.

Through the 18 years of having my birthmark i would never have it removed, as i have learned to love it. Although it is annoying always having to wear high necked tops to keep the sun off of my back but u learn to accept it. I love being unique and wouldn't change it for the world.

If u have anything similar to this please get in contact with me as i would really like to know some whom i can relate to.
Hi, Im 23 yrs old. And ive always felt really weird abt. Having a big scar on my back due to a hairy nevi at birth. Would be nice to KIT. Lol i hate wearing high neckef tops to cove
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