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Default 2 month old baby with large PWS

My 2 month old son has a large PWS covering most of his left body part, right leg, and left cheek. We are going to see a dermatologist tomorrow who will most probably recommend laser treatment.
This came out as a huge shock to us after a delivery filled complications. Additionally, we are new parents living here by our selves (Our whole family lives out of the country).
I read a lot about the treatments, but am still not clear about the recovery process after each laser session. Is it painful? Is it like an open wound that might get infected?
The reason I am asking is because we registered him to a day care. He's supposed to start in a month, and I'm supposed to get back to work. I can't
imagine going to work knowing he's in pain..such a little baby. I understand life changes when you have a child, and I am willing to do whatever it takes. I just need a better understanding of the healing process for a small baby and what it requires.
Thank you.
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