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Unhappy Venous lymphatic malformation in right calf..

Im 19 years old and apparently I was diagnosed with a venous lymphatic malformation in my right calf when I was 12 years old. It isn't common for people my age to get these and I am having the hardest time dealing with this. I don't know if I truly got the right diagnosis or not but I have had several sclerotherapys on this malformation and nothing has worked. Finally august of last year I got so fed up with being in constant pain and my leg looking like a balloon all the time that I decided I was gonna have the surgery to remove it. It has been several months since this surgery and I have had NO sort of relief, only has made the pain ten times worse than it ever was before surgery. All my doctor tells me is that I need to find a job where I can sit down which I don't think is a good answer. I'm tired of coming home after going out shopping for an hour or so or something simple like that and crying my eyes out from this pain that never lets up. If anyone has any sort of suggestions that will be greatly appreciated. I've given up hope and don't know what to do now. So tired of dealing with doctors and trying things that only make it worse.... Help?

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