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Default 2 daughters with H's

That is interesting to see the link.I've heard that having children early and also twins is a link to hemangiomas. The only reason I had all 3 of my daughters early was b/c my blood pressure went high the week I delivered them all. I normally have great blood pressure. I was told my 1st and 3rd pregnancies looked like I started out being pregnant with twins; I had 2 placentas after delivery with those births. My 4 yr old daughter was 3 1/2 weeks early, my 2 yr old daughter was 1 1/2 weeks early, and my 6 month old daughter was 3 weeks early.
Have you had much success with no scarring on the face? The doctor said if we left it alone to go away on its own that she may need surgery to remove extra skin or laser for scarring.
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