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Default My story

Hi there my names Stacey i live in glasgow for anyone who doesn't no where that is its in bonnie Scotland .. You don't understand how overwhelmed I am to find out there is people out there going through what I am going through I am 22 and have been living with my mass tumour since I was three !! I have walked in total 4 years of my whole life ... I will tell you my story and I would love to have some feed back on any hope or treatment or doctor out there who can help me .

At the age of 3 I was experiencing some major pain I was admitted to York hill hospital to find out I had hemangioma of the lower leg !! My leg was very swollen and unable to straighten *caused a lot of disscomfort ... After reviving a biopsy to confirm my condition I was no long able to walk without a limp I got my tendants stretched 4 times to help movement in my foot it never worked .. Finally at the age of 9 I would under go an operation that would have a end result of me finally being able to walk .. It didn't go as well as dr bennett thought ... I lost a lot of blood and had to under go a blood transfusion after brought back to life it was a tricky operation an they took away 90% of my tumour ... It was better than what I had my leg shrunk in size and things where looking good !!! My leg was straight and I could walk again ... Not for long tho I woke up one day to find my leg buckled once again ... After going for a MRI scan the found a mass tumour in my upper leg griping around my hamstring after so many operations stretching my hamstring nothing worked ...! Doctors have tried to kill the veins feeding my Tumour but nothing works .... I'm now 22 and unable to walk taking obscene amounts of medication to make it through a day as the pain is unbearable the NHS told me three years ago there was nothing they could do for me ... I have a mass tumour still living and feeding of me just now and no doctor to turn to or talk to .... I need *point in the right direction I hope use can help*

Stacey xxxx
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