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Default Prolonged period of time on Propranolol

My daughter began taking Propranolol around 5 months for a compound hemangioma between her eyes. The med worked great and the hemangioma was essentially non-existent by 7 months. So, we discontinued Propranolol at 12 months. We restarted the medication at 15 months because the hemangioma slowly returned and eventually got as big as pre-treatment. My daughter will be 2 years next month. She was recently sick with an upper respiratory infection so we held the med for a few days and during that time the hemangioma developed fullness and a bluish-purple color. I feel like we're in uncharted territory with the MDs. For now our tx plan is ongoing follow-up every 2 months with increases in dosing with weight gain. Has anyone else had experience with regrowth after 12 months and prolonged use of Propranolol? I don't want her on the medication for years to come. Thanks.
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