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Originally Posted by nregazzi View Post
I have a question. I was born with Lymphangioma on my left arm extending all the way to the armpits. I never had had an issue with it before until very recently I have been having tingling sensations on my fingers and some nights numbness to the point of completely losing control of the arm. Does anybody else go through it? Has anyone gone to a doctor to it? I am looking for one specialized on the area as I have already had a medical mistake that cost me a finger done when I was younger.
I hope I am replying to this correctly. Hi, my name is Hannah. My fiance has this same condition. He too has this on his arm which has extended down to his hand and back up which we are now finding the lumps behind and under his armpits. He has had to live with this condition as he was told it was a rarer case and doctors were unfamiliar with it and did not have better solutions than amputation. I am in seek of a specialist for this now. Im mostly getting Ears, nose, and throat specialist coming up when I google. One ENT informed me to seek a dermatologist. He goes thru the numbness and the pain too.
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