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Hello, I was the one who wrote about my sons surgery on Nov 25th 2011 on his soleus muscle. It is today May 12th 2012. My son has done very well after his surgery although his scar from mid thigh to achilles tendon is still very visable. He went back to college on Jan 7th and finished the semester a few days ago. He can jog 3-4 miles per hour and walks entirely normally. His goal is to have the other leg muscles take over for his soleus muscle. For those of you who have loved ones who have severe avms there is a very successful procedure that is offered at only a few scattered institutions called embolizations. My son had approx 15 blood vessels treated with this was very very intensive and nervewracking however it was VERY successful thank god. He was treated for these procedures at one hospital and transferred to another hospital where he had his 5 hr surgery to remove his soleus muscle..If there is anyone who has had similar experience or who can give me some long term information on future expectations or reoccurence of avms I would appreciate it. If anyone needs more information from me please contact me through this forum. By the way just for thorougness I am a physician.
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