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Originally Posted by lilypad View Post
Yes, insurance covered 100% of my daughter's treatments so I'm not sure what the cost without insurance would be. We have blue cross/blue shield preferred provider plan. She was only a year old when she started the treatments and now she is almost two. We communicated with Dr. Nelson of UCI via email before scheduling the appointment (sent pictures to him). We had a consultation the day before the treatment because we flew in from out of state.
I'm so glad you posted this because I emailed Dr. Nelson a while back to inquire. Lilypad, can you describe how the procedure went for your daughter? How was the recovery time? I would also have to fly out for treatments, so it would be very expensive. If you're willing to share your experiences and photos of the results, that would be greatly appreciated and helpful to many. Thank you!

I'm glad to have started this thread and opened up the communication for people with Nevus of Ota. It is a very lonely condition, so it's nice to hear from others who can relate. God bless everyone.
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