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Default Hemangioma between eyes at 7 weeks - any input/advice?

Hi all -

I just recently came across this board - it seems like a great community.

My daughter Stella is 7 weeks. She has a hemangioma between her eyes, probably less than 1/2" from her left eye. It appeared between 1-2 weeks, and has grown fairly consistently since then. It's slightly raised, and appears to be more so as it grows.

We discussed briefly with the pediatrician at our 4 week appt. At the time, I wasn't too concerned about it, and was comfortable with the wait and see approach. As it's grown a bit more (and frankly as I've researched a bit more), I've become more anxious about it and am more interested in seeing a specialist and possibly seeking treatment - especially given how close it is to her eye.

Her next appt with the pediatrician isn't for another 2 weeks. I plan to ask about a referral then (though I may just call before then - as I'm concerned I then may have to wait for weeks to see the ped derm... and all of this may be a bit easier to do while I'm out on mat leave). In the meantime, I'd love any input/advice from folks who have been in similar situations.

--Is this size/type of H something that you think warrants treatment vs wait and see approach? (should be pic attached). If so, what would be the treatment likely recommended?
--Is Timorol (from what I can gather, fewer to no side effects, though potentially less effective?) typically tried before Propanolol? Is that something a pediatrician can prescribe?
--Any recommendations on specialists in Chicago? I know there are a few names listed on the site as well, but if anyone has experience with one, that would be helpful to know.

Thanks so much -- I really appreciate it!

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