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Default First-time derm visit for an H: What questions should we ask?

I am a new, first-time father and a new poster here with a question. My two-month old son was born about six weeks premature. He spent about ten days in the NICU (Jaundice) and came home from the hospital with an H about the size of a quarter on his left foot and another one about the size of a pumpkin seed on his back. I am pretty sure they emerged after birth. They emerged and grew quickly; however, since they are in rarely-seen areas, they are of little concern.

But over the past month or so, we’ve watched another one slowly emerge on his forehead. This one is considerably smaller. Currently, it’s about the size of a very small pea, but, as these things go, I expect it to get larger in time. Our GP kind of pooh-poohs it as nothing to be concerned about – that it will enlarger and go away in due course – and my wife tends to agree. It is not something that could inhibit vision or any function as far as I can tell. As a fellow who labored under teenage years with moderate acne I am sensitive to the aesthetic concerns such mark could pose were it to grow much larger and/or not recede fully, so at my urging we finally got a referral to see a dermatologist. We have an appointment with one next week. I do not believe the doctor is a pediatric dermatologist. In any case, I am writing to ask the collective wisdom of the board to know: What questions should I ask the dermatologist? What treatment options should I ask about?

What I am really wondering is really unknowable at this point. From what I have learned, I believe time may be of the essence and that early treatment might be good in this case to prevent this from enlarging, but would this be the best course? How would one know? It does seem to be enlarging very slowly. It has been emerging for more than a month now and is still quite small.

Thanks for any guidance you can give.
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