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Hi there! I agree with Missy...if it doesn't seem to be growing too quickly at this point, maybe it will be ok without treatment. Sometimes I think it depends on the location too. Every hemangioma is different. I have twins that were born 5 weeks early. One had a hemangioma that grew pretty large and bright red all over her hand and wrist and it faded on its own by about 1 year old-18 months to the point you could barely see it. Her twin sister has a small one (probably about the size you described on your son)'s on the back of her has faded a lot more slowly. You can still see it and she is almost 3 1/2. It is going away but it is taking much longer. I wonder why? So I guess my point is, it is hard to predict. But if it doesn't grow really large or ulcerate I bet the chances of it going away on its own seem pretty good.

So at the dermatologist visit, I might ask how often the doctor deals with hemangiomas just to get a feeling of whether or not they have a lot of experience with them. I think this is the difference between getting "textbook" type answers and answers based on real experience in dealing with hemangiomas/treating them on a very regular basis.

I would ask if they would recommend early treatment? Why or why not?
I would also ask if they would expect it to grow quickly or leave any scarring or fatty tissue in the end after it involutes? (since it is on his forehead)
Finally, I would mention the fact that he has 3 hemangiomas and have all of them looked at. I have read that sometimes when children have multiple hemangiomas that sometimes they like to make sure there are no internal ones...although that might not be necessary for your son. But nevertheless, it wouldn't hurt to have them check out all three.

If the doctor does in fact say the recommendation is to let it run its course, let me know if you would like to see the photos of my daughter's hand hemangioma. I am still amazed that hers went away on its own. I wouldn't have thought it was possible! But it might make you feel better if you go with the wait it out option. As a side note, I am not "anti-treatment" at all, in fact my 7 year old daughter also has a hemangioma on her lip and she has taken medication, had surgery and laser. So I have been down both roads.

Keep us posted on the what the dermatologist says. I'd love to see a picture if you would like to post one. You also have the option of emailing one of the expects on this site (go to Ask the Expert) and then you can see if they agree with what your dermatologist says at your appointment.

Good luck!! Keep us posted!

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