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Originally Posted by Gmh217 View Post
Has anyone had a stork bite/salmon patch/angel kiss on the forehead between the eyes completely fade? We just had our third child and she has a very significant mark on her forehead between her eyes. The pediatrician was very dismissive of it but I am worried about it actually fading. I keep coming across posts where all of the other stork bites/salmon patches/angel kisses on the face faded, but not the one between the eyes.


hi, are you able to post a picture? my baby had a H on the corner of her eye (sorta were the tear duct is/eyelid? i posted a pic i think i labeled it "pics to share" ...i realized, since i have no idea how to resize, jsut learning, that the pics are a bit small and hard to view. i will try again with a better size.

=) blanca
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