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Do you have a picture you could post? That would be really helpful to see. Did you actually say if it was a hemangioma or not? That would be a big factor I think in whether or not laser would be done. Some questions I would ask are: do you expect it to fade more on its own over the next few years? If they did recommend laser, I would ask if they suggest anesthesia or not? how many treatments would they expect?

Both my daughters' hemangiomas faded significantly between the ages of 6 months and 3 or 4 years old. After that, they didn't change so much. Also, my daughter had her lip hemangioma all through preschool and it was never a problem. (after I had worried about it for about 3 years!!) I talked to the teachers about it, and it was handled beautifully. I would say my daughter didn't even seem to notice or care until she got into Kindergarten.

Here's both of my daughters' hemangioma photo albums. Faith had steroids until she was 10 months old and Rachael had no treatment on her hand, just so you can see how it faded over the years. 18fd285c7 b4cbdd436

It can't hurt to get the opinion of a specialist and see what they have to say! The laser was not too bad I have to say so if they recommend it I wouldn't be too worried. If they think that it will fade more, try to be patient and see how it still have a lot of time. I know it's easier said than done though. Hang in there!
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