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*"What happened to your face?"
*Being pulled aside by males to make sure no one is hurting me.
*"Were you in a car accident?" (Uhh, how do I respond to that? Maybe, "No, try again?" :P, or maybe just a simple "no" and a smile is enough.)

^So annoying. Glad to know I'm not alone.

I went to the dermatologist today and was told that I have Nevus of Ota. I googled it wayyy before the appointment and already knew I had it!

I'm 22 and African-American. I've always had a VERY faint, barely noticeable mark under my right eye. until a couple years ago, I started being asked, "What happened to your eye?" I thought it was funny at first, didn't see what the big deal was, until I just started becoming very insecure about it. It's very noticeable now, it's dark-colored and obvious.

My father has told me he thinks it changes according to my mood. I've suspected that too.

I would love to get treatment for it! I wear Dermablend everyday, and I'm not a makeup chick. But I wear it because I want to know that people are looking at me, not my birthmark.

Confidence is everything. It's not easy, especially with comments that are outright RUDE. Next time someone asks me, "What happened?" I'll say, "I was born." You don't ask people, especially strangers, what happened to their face...that's just common courtesy.

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