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Hey fellow rare birthmarkers,

I'm 22, female, caucasian (as far as i know all my family descendants have been caucasian) and I have Nevus of Ota in and around my right eye.....

- I have the bruised looking mark on my right temple and under my eye

- I have a darkened/patchy scelera (white of my eye) in the right eye

- I have heterochromia so my right eye is hazle where as my left eye is blue and I was born with 2 blue eyes. My hazle eye changed from blue to hazle when I was a child, but the darkening in and around my eye did not appear till puberty. Since, it has been gradually getting darker.

- I have a different glasses/lense prescription in each eye as my right eye has astigmatism whereas my left eye is long sighted.

I am a birthmarky person though!...I also have a red strawberry kiss birthmark on my forehead! Which has scarred pretty bad! Two birthmarks on my blue one red, woah. And then I have 2 more strawberry kisses on my body and lots of the general brown ones which mainly appear when im tanned.

Its comforting to hear so many others have this. People do comment on it alot. But they usually tend to notice the different eye colours more, as that is rather odd. Not quite sure what I can do? I'm pretty sure the laser treatment does not work inside my that is the worst part as my make up covers the darkening on my skin quite well. Not too fused about the skin bit just yet. Should I just go for check ups yearly?

Thanks guys.

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