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To me, you look about 12 years old!! But then again, I'm an old lady.

And you are NOT in any way ugly. No ma'am.

It's difficult to be a teen. I hope you will find, as you grow into a young woman, that superficial looks are just that ... superficial. Everything gets easier as you get older, I promise. Beauty is inside you, but it takes age and experience for everyone to learn that. Beauty comes from intelligence, a sense of humor, compassion, and all of your other good qualities. Teens simply do not have the experience to see this, but they will. One day, it will suddenly occur to you that the people around you who really love you do so, not because you don't have a pws, but because your beautiful qualities will be apparent to them.

It'll get better. Meanwhile, come in and vent if you need to!

And, consider yourself hugged.

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