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Default hemangiomas propranolol - Infant - HELP

Hi everyone! We gave birth to a beautiful healthy son about three weeks ago. Upon birth, we noticed a mark covering from the area between his nose and eye in a half circle down to below the nose up to the other corner of his eye. It was very faint but looked like a bruise. He went through the birth canal in about 12 minutes so we thought it was a bruise. It got darker within the next few days and did not look like a bruise. 3.5 weeks in, it is a dark red/purple color. The surface was flat. Upon our first office visit with our pedestrian, she thought it was a port wine stain. She referred to us to Dayton Children's hospital to see a pediatric dermatologist. Dayton Children's is the closest children's hospital. Upon doing my research, I found and talked to a nice lady that told me the story of the work of Columbus Children's Hospital with her daughter's port wine stain. I was able to get us a referal from our pedestrian, and had our first appointment with Dr. Fernandez on this past Thursday. Within 5 minutes of our visit, he indicated that it was not a port wine stain but rather a hemangioma. His treatment plan is to admit Joey (our son) to Columbus Children's hospital for a battery of tests to see if proranolol would be safe for him. By the way, he was a normal term baby, a healthy weight, developing normal, etc. We still kept our appointment at Dayton Children's Hospital this upcoming week for a 2nd opinion, but we were pretty sure, we would go along with Dr. Fernandez's treatment option. At a family gathering today, we had a couple of conversations with nurses in our family that did their own internet research and based on their research, they would not give it to their kids because of the potential side effects. We did our own internet research when we got home from Children's Hospital in Columbus, and didn't see anything that would prevent us from going down the path that Dr. Fernandez recommended. So now, I am up doing our research again on the impact of propranolol has on infants. We are interest in hearing a 2nd opinion on Tuesday, but we wanted to reach out to this forum and ask if anyone has negative experience with propranolol with their infants. Based on my 2nd round of internet research, it seems that the drug has a dramatic impact on the hemangioma with little side effects, but something we need to closely monitor with the help of Children's in Columbus and our local pediatrician as Dr. Fernandez suggested. There is never a magic drug for anything as everything has side effects, but please give us your experience with it. If the doctor at Dayton Children's hospital gives us a different answer than Children's in Columbus, then we will have a significant decision to make. I posted a couple of pictures of Joey . Thanks again.

Edit - I should also note, it is still mostly flat, however, we and the doctors at Children's in Columbus it has started to raise slightly.

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