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My daughter is almost 10 weeks old now. She has a hemangioma on the inner corner of her right eye. We thought the same thing when she was first born except her pediatrician said it was a birthmark from day 1 (although I didn;t believe her b/c it didn't look like one I had ever seen). It became red around 3 weeks and has slowly grown (started out the size of her finger nail and is now 2 inches by 1 inch). It became raised within the past month. This past week we were seen at her 2 month appointment and when the dr came in she said "well that's def grown" and wanted to send her to specialists ASAP. We said dermatologist and opthamologist(to check vision which is not effected yet) and a cardiologist to get her cleared to start propranolol. We go in next Saturday to start the med. We should see results in a week. I will post to tell how it goes. Everything (results/side effects)I have found about this treatment has been positive...nothing bad and the doctors we saw over the past week said that ALL of their patients have done well, not some, ALL of them.
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