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Originally Posted by CristinF View Post
Thanks, Missy, I'll post in there.

The blister is healing with home care. Really, I'm not sure if it's a vesicle or not (although, being right on top of the malformation, it does seem likely). The thing was, it was never really a "blister' per se--it was more of a weird pink spot (mostly flat). Then, on Saturday, it got kind of inflamed and looked like a blister that had already popped. It's healed over now, but still evident--I'm just kind of waiting to see what happens next with it.
The "blister" you are referring to is actually quite normal. I get those myself and know of many others who experience them as well. They look like tiny red "hemangiomas", as someone else had described them. They can stay there, go away on their own, or even break open. It is important to keep the area clean with the open blister. I have had one that got infected when I was a child and it caused some issues. Although, most of mine just appear and stay there for a while, not causing any problems. Personally, I would suggest getting a MRI of the area, just to know what you are dealing with and it can be easier to track the progress of the Lymphatic Malformation(LM). If there is a big enough pocket area of lymph, you can look into sclerotherapy for treatment which is less invasive and may work better for long term results, depending on his specific case. Hope you are both doing well.
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