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Thanks, sweetpea! Everytime something new pops up with his LM, I freak out a little. So, it sounds like your doctors never treated the blisters specifically? Just leave them alone unless they break open, and, if they do, keep them clean and dry? I guess I always try to walk the (oh, so fine!) line between doing too much and doing too little. So far, the LM really hasn't caused him much trouble, but I always wonder if, even though his doctors advise that we do nothing for the moment, we should look further into treatment and try to nip it before it causes more problems.

When you say "track the progress of the LM" what do you mean? I keep reading that, at the early stages, some LMs are "encapsulated" and easier to treat, but that, over time, they develop "tentacles" and can become harder to deal with--has this been your experience?

Also, as an aside, I've seen in some of your other posts that you're a member of the LM Awareness group on FB--how can I join that? I've been to the page, but can't figure out how to become a member. (I'm kind of a technodope.)

Thanks so much for your response! I hope you'll keep in touch--I could really use some contacts who've dealt with this condition themselves.
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