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Default I hear you, CadillacKitty!!

You are not alone! I completely hear you <3 I had an AVM in my right hand which was ruining my life. There were days I wanted to cut off my arm. My hand would swell up so much that I lost function in three fingers (pinky to middle finger) I am an artist and Graphic Designer and my AVM was in my dominant hand... The pain shot up my arm to my shoulder.... Nothing helped the pain. I was missing work left and right and no one understood the pain I was going through. I was so sick of people comparing my pain to carpal tunnel syndrome. I'm sure you can relate. I went to Dr. Robert Rosen in NYC who performed the fourth embolization at my young age of 26. I felt hopeless. After that procedure was finished, the pain was worse than ever... My hand was full of glue and alcohol from years of poking and prodding by some of the best doctors in NYC... That was until I met Dr. Keith Raskin. Dr. Raskin couldn't promise me that he could restore my fiction and told me that he may even have to amputate part of my hand. He was confiden he could help my current situation though. I went in for surgery to remove the Avm in March 2010. Today I am 100% pain free with full function in my hand. He was able to save my hand that others told me would be amputated. If you can take a trip to NY, I would highly recommend it. I felt hopeless until I met him and his amazing staff. His bedside manner is just as good as his skill. Please email me anytime and let me know how you are doing. I completely understand how frustrating it is to complain of pain that you cannot explain. The intensity and pressure of the pain can be unbearable. If you should ever see Dr. Raskin... Please let me know. It will be the best decision you will ever make. I am no a blogger but I had to sign on to let you know this. Take care and feel better soon!!!!!!!!
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