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This is so funny! My son's doctors are at CHKD--we've seen Dr. Hoerr (who performed our first surgery) and Dr. Darrow--we LOVE them! They've both said (separately) that we should leave the LM alone for now. We recently got a third opinion from another doctor (not from CHKD) who confirmed that that was the right course for now (although he did suggest we get a baseline MRI to track the lesion--good for you, sweetpea!). I guess now that three knowledgeable doctors (and countless pediatricians!) have told us the same thing, I feel better about the decision. I'm just not exactly the sort of person who can sit around doing NOTHING, so I guess I go around getting second (and third!) opinions...Luckily, my husband is exactly the sort of person who can be content and wait things out, so that sort of tempers my "do too much" personality.

I've heard EXCELLENT things from so many people about Dr. Shiels--it's wonderful to hear that someone is having so much success treating this!
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